Office Partitions – Which Design Is Best For You?

Office partitioning walls have changed considerable over the years. Office walls used to be built using timber studs with plaster boards nailed on and then finished with plaster. It was not possible to relocate the office walls with this partitioning system as they had to be dismantled by breaking the plaster boards off the stud work. This was not only time-consuming but extremely messy within your office.

Today’s office wall dividers are totally different and can be easily & cleanly taken down and relocated within your building at any time. They now come in many styles, colours and finishes depending on your requirements and budget.

If you are looking for visibility between the offices, think about glass partitioning. There are many options ranging from the framed aluminium systems to the stylish frameless glass walls. Our demountable and re-locatable partitions are a cost-effective solution to the division of space in office environments.

Frameless glass walls offers full visibility within the office, are stylish and modern looking, and you can apply a frosting to the glass in any style or colour to suit your company logo / image.

If you are looking for total privacy between the offices and a reduction in noise, you might like to consider operable or storage walls. Operable walls can be solid or single / double-glazed modules and are available in a variety of finishes from a wood to PVC. Storage walls are a cost-effective solution that offer high capacity storage as well as division of space and privacy as full height storage units can be used as a partition to separate a room.

Whether you’re looking to maximise your space, reduce noise or create greater privacy, Crown Interiors offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective partitioning systems to create attractive, practical space for your working environments.

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