Our ESG Agenda

The way we treat people and the environment matter to us.


Our long term vision for sustainable fit-outs;

  • To seek opportunities in our projects for sustainability engagement
  • Establish early stage design principles with the project team for incorporating sustainability and wellness in all fit-outs
  • Use of the “BBP” Responsible Fit-out Toolkit
  • Develop measurable performance data and reporting on sustainability achievements at handover
  • Widen the knowledge of E.P.D Environmental Product Declaration and make sustainable choices in material selection as a first principle
  • Measure and reduce waste through workable management programmes
  • Engage the project team in Circular Economy design – ‘can we re-use and re-purpose?’
  • An open mindset to change and embracing new technologies for energy saving and connectivity


  • Wellness by design – use of the “BBP” Responsible Fit-out Toolkit
  • Supporter of “SameYou” A brain injury recovery charity and “Mencap”
  • Studio 5 – An in-house not for profit workplace consultancy
  • A helping-hand to young people starting in our industry with work experience and training
  • Mentorship and support to entrepreneurs and start-ups


  • Strong balance sheet
  • 96/100 A rated Creditsafe rating
  • Strict anti-bribery policy and compliance
  • Experienced Board of Directors and professional advisors
  • High transparency and record keeping
  • Ethical tax regime
  • Construction Industry Training Board levy payers

Wellness by design

Enhance wellbeing in the workplace by incorporating in our designs;
quiet zones, natural light, biophilia, fresh air, collaboration, safety and community

UK and locally sourced materials
Responsible and ethical manufacturers
Health, safety and wellbeing
Helping young people
On-time payments to suppliers
Forward thinking leadership
Work-life balance
Diversity and equality
Minimal impact on people and the environment
Role in society

Wellness at work

We are committed to helping all our clients create safe, healthy and positive environments that people want to spend time in.

Many talk about wellbeing but fail to deliver. We back up our ethos with action, and it’s there to see in the fabric of every project. Buildings have a long-term impact, so incorporating wellness into design and build means we can create tangible, permanent improvements that provide lasting benefits. We listen carefully to your needs, and work with you to create a space that works for your business and your people.

Places to collaborate, areas for focused work and quite private booths for a telephone call or even just some ‘me’ time are all important in the agile workplace. We see it as our mission to create a backdrop for a strong and connected environment with people at the centre.

Occupiers - Adapt to survive

Wellbeing benefits everyone

We want to help you create a space that enables people to thrive, where your employees feel valued and their mental and physical wellbeing has been prioritised.

Investing in expert, people-focused workplace design can improve productivity by 20%, boost mental health, and increase attendance. Employee wellness and mental health benefits everyone – a positive workplace creates a positive mindset, a strong work ethic, and better immunity.

We specialise in designing and building human-centric work environments for effective, productive and happy occupants – interiors that encourage your staff back to the workplace, attract fresh talent to your organisation, and grow productivity.

Constant evolution

We’ve always been fascinated by the impact the working environment has on people’s wellbeing, and we’re constantly looking for fresh new ways to manifest wellness in the physical space.

In the fabric of the design – layout, lighting, acoustics, colour palette, temperature, access, and furniture. By incorporating dedicated spaces for solo work and relaxation, and intuitively designed breakout areas that inspire creativity and innovation. We want to translate wellness into practical, physical change. The right facilities and layout design can change behaviour and encourage healthier work habits. We’re continually reviewing and questioning best practice, seeking new innovations in design.

We’re a forward-thinking business, constantly evolving and actively seeking new solutions and better ways of doing things. We love to challenge the status quo. The only constant is change.

Occupiers - Adapt to survive

Space to thrive

We want everyone using our spaces to feel good and, above all, to thrive. Let’s shape an environment that fosters creativity and community, prioritises wellbeing, encourages a sense of ownership and increases productivity. As we enter a new era in the ways of working, let’s take this opportunity to reset and take a holistic approach. Focus on simplicity, flexibility, collaboration and feedback. Businesses thrive when their people thrive.

Every project starts with you, so let’s talk.

Space to thrive
Space to thrive
Space to thrive
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