Space to thrive

Space to thrive for Occupied Workspaces

We’ll help you create a workplace that people genuinely want to spend time in.

An environment that allows your business to thrive, by fostering creativity, prioritising wellbeing, and boosting productivity. A space that adapts to suit modern flexible working, and excites and inspires the people within it.

We specialise in designing and building effective, people-focused interiors that foster company culture, and ensure you attract and retain the best professional talent.

Occupiers - Adapt to survive

Adapt to survive

The businesses that thrive in the new world will be those that adapt. The way we work has changed and workplaces need to evolve to ensure long-term success.

The key is transforming your workplace into a positive, productive new environment specifically designed to encourage community and collaboration. A sociable, safe and productive space tailored to enable effective communication across multiple locations.

Whether you’re planning a move, a major replan, or targeted interventions, we’re great listeners.

We’ll help you identify the practical tools, setup and furnishings that will best suit your company culture, and the way your business now operates.

Style and substance

A visually stunning workplace means nothing if it doesn’t also meet the practical and emotional needs of its occupants. So we design and build spaces that enable and ensure people feel happy and fulfilled at work.

Prioritising the wellbeing of your workforce improves staff retention, immunity, attendance, mindset and productivity. So an acute awareness of mental and physical health is clear in everything we design.

We look holistically at the needs of your people. Humans are social creatures, so we actively incorporate ways to foster community and a sense of ownership into every project. But we also consider space for solo work and relaxation. And all the elements a modern workforce expects, such as intuitively designed breakout areas that inspire creativity and innovation, and thoughtfully-designed leisure and lifestyle facilities.

Occupiers - Style and substance
Occupiers - Style and substance
Occupiers - Style and substance
Occupiers - Style and substance

Change for the better

Transforming the work environment can actually help effect and embed cultural change in your business. So if this is something you’re ready to embrace, we can help. The space your people occupy influences the way they work, and the right facilities and layout design can change behaviour and encourage healthier work habits.

We’ll shape an environment that sets the right tone, embodies your culture, and provides the practical tools and capabilities you need to fully enable new ways of working. We’re committed to helping our clients change for the better.

Occupiers - Change for the better

Expert guidance

We understand the value of agile working, and we have all learnt that collaborating in a single space is critical for those spontaneous conversations and lightbulb moments that are key to progress, problem-solving, discoveries and breakthroughs. We know how to create workplaces your employees will actively choose to spend time in.

Crown operate in the following workplace environments;

  • Offices
  • Laboratories and Life Sciences
  • Leisure and Wellness
  • Hospitality

Our design and build fit-out and workplace consultancy services can provide you with a one-stop solution. Whether you are searching for new premises or considering altering your existing workplace we have the expertise to help your people and your business to thrive.

Our talented team combines in-depth industry knowledge, practical expertise and decades of experience, so you’re in safe hands. We take a consultative approach, listening carefully to your objectives and pain points, then guide and support you through to delivery of a tailored solution; a new workspace that works for you.

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