Remote working and mobility – what does this mean for today’s office?

The Counsellors of Real Estate (CRE) have released their ‘Top ten Issues Affecting Real Estate’ report, with remote work and mobility at the number one spot.

The CRE is an international organisation of commercial property professionals. They have found that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a significant change in how we use our space.

“COVID-19’s disruption significantly impacted human behaviour in how and where space is used. Now with an escalating return to “business as normal” and workers beginning to return to offices—32% on average as of June 18th—commercial properties nevertheless may need to be repositioned for changes in demand. One of the greatest lessons learned during COVID is the benefit of more flexible, easily adaptable, and sharable spaces. It is clear that remote working, the acceleration of internet retail, and the demand for larger and more natural spaces and other pandemic-era behaviours will remain, at least at some level, which will impact land uses and locales. We learn as an industry that flexibility and adaptability are paramount goals in real estate markets that desire resiliency when confronted by local and global disruptions. As the recent rapid growth in virtual accessibility has made the world smaller, we will soon learn the resultant changes in the movement of people and the impact on the spaces they use. One immediate effect of returning to the office is the residual benefit for restaurants, coffee shops, dry cleaners, and other retailers—and thus for their landlords as well.”


Remote working and your office

The events of 2020 accelerated change across every sector, but traditional working practices have been evolving for several years, thanks in part to technological advances and cultural shifts.

As experts in office design and the design and fit out of commercial interiors, Crown Interiors have a wealth of experience in designing and building workplaces that enable agile working. This dynamic, outcome-led approach where collaboration, flexible working and creative thinking are encouraged and rewarded is increasingly popular. Advances in cloud technology have accelerated this cultural shift and enabled people to work – and collaborate – very effectively from any location.

Agile working naturally has an impact on the office environment, too. In fact, by incorporating agile principles at the design stage, businesses can actively encourage a shift to more agile practices. A more open environment actively enables more collaborative working.

At Crown, we’re well-versed in flexible working practices, and we understand how to shape environments that actively encourage collaboration and enhance wellbeing. So if you’re ready to embrace this positive change, we’d love to help.

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