Office Design – Creating Functional & Effective Breakout Areas

Breakout Space Design has now become a key element of office design schemes.

A break-out area describes any space open to employees or visitors that is separate from their usual working area. It can be a place for employees to relax, eat their lunch and even hold informal meetings. Giving employees a break from a computer screen also complies with health and safety laws which require staff to take frequent breaks from their work stations when computers are being used.

Companies can sometimes see a break-out area as an unnecessary, but employers should consider the benefits and how this will impact on the company’s performance before ruling them out. The fact is that, with the right technology and environment, a breakout space can become an invaluable work area.

It has been found that meetings conducted in a more informal environment are more productive for brainstorming and idea generation. There are many new designs for multi-functional breakout area furniture such as Media Benches which enables you to connect your laptop and share information at the touch of a button.

Features to consider when designing your areas:–

Something Big 06Keep noise levels to a minimum: One of the most important things to bear in mind is to keep the break area away from the regular buzz of the office.

Chairs: Consider investing in some comfortable sofas or chairs. A comfortable sofa is the best place to unwind or bean bags and pod seating can provide a change from the standard chair. There are lots of funky new designs around.

Colours & textures: Choose a colour scheme that is designed to encourage relaxation and minimise stress. Light blue and pale green are good choices or yellows. Textures/ living walls can also bring a slice of nature indoors.

Lighting: Keep the break area well-lit. If you don’t have a window, use ergonomic lighting to provide adequate lighting to brighten up the place.

Kitchen: Place your kitchen close to the break area. This will give your employees or visitors somewhere to make tea and coffee so they can relax and chat while away from their work. You could also add a bar feature for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Before embarking on designing your breakout area, you might like to consider:

How will the breakout areas be utilised?
How regularly will the breakout areas be used?
What are the barriers / incentives to using certain breakout areas?
How will the breakout areas impact on the adjacent areas?
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