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Office Trends for 2016

Office trends 2016Office design trends are constantly evolving and shifting as we search for the most effective solutions for promoting high rates of productivity and staff contentment. Office layouts have changed considerably over the years with a shift from single function spaces to multi-functional.

If you are looking to improve employee retention rates and increase office productivity, then making some changes to your office layout/design can have a massive impact.

Rising rates of multi-functional work spaces

Cubicle styles has been slowly been replaced over the past few years, with more and more offices opting for a bench style desk space layout. Now, with workplaces attempting to optimise desk functionality for every working style, it is good to consider that workspaces will become customisable and adjustable.

Open plan solutions

Open plan offices will improve collaboration within the workplace. However, it can cause issues as far as storage and clutter is concerned. Therefore, next year we can be sure to see more and more table top solutions to device usage, such as electrical tidies, charging ports and document holders which will eliminate the need for clutter and assist in focusing minds.


With technology advances growing at a rapid rate, it is only a matter of time that furniture and technology should merge. From office tables, boardroom tables and even lamps can all now come with power outlets, USB ports and charging points. This gives employees an ease for connection and power, meaning staff can hot desk from all points of an office.


Colour is motivational. Many offices have decided to implement a wide range of colours in order to turn their office from dull to funky. Instead of the stale office colours, the modern office incorporates vivid bold colours with varieties of funky designs imprinted. This allows businesses to really define their brand’s style through the imagery of their office fit out and design.

Trending colour palettes and office aesthetics for 2016 will be organic and natural tones.

Homely spaces for a relaxed mind

More companies are starting to appreciate the homely in the office. Therefore, we predict that next year we will see an increase in the cosy within the office. The comfortableness, style and position of the likes of chairs and workstations can have a direct influence on staff morale, productivity and ultimately company success.

living wallLiving, breathing bio-logical offices

Science has proved just how beneficial to the working mind natural influences such as plant life can be. Therefore, we can be sure to see an increase in organic features in next year’s re-designs. Living walls have gained recognition and are likely to continue to into next year.

Designers making use of reclaimed materials

As many offices find themselves within repurposed buildings, one of the biggest trends has been in breathing new life into reclaimed materials. These are often the perfect stand-out feature that inspires without distracting people.

If you are looking to refit your office in 2016, Crown Interiors can assist you from start to finish from design concepts to complete office refits. We will help you to get the results you want. Get in touch today.