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How to Create an Optimum Office Space to Ensure Happy Workers

A recent analysis from the World Green Building Council concluded that there is “overwhelming evidence” linking office design with productivity and wellness. A recent poll showed that over 80% of workers around the world are less than satisfied with their current work environments, primarily due to a lack of privacy. Open plan offices are great… Read More

Planning Your Office Design Effectively, Can Alleviate Stress and Improve Your Staff’s Mental Health.

We are going through a workplace crisis with stress reaching epic proportions. Just under a fifth of Britons suffer from anxiety or depression and with the stuttering economy, lack of job security is causing extra pressure to perform – resulting in our physical health suffering. The way the interior of an office is configured has… Read More

Planning Your Office Design Effectively Could Have a Huge Impact on Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health.

People can spend close to 90% of their time indoors and can spend about a third of their waking hours at their workplace. Is it any wonder then that our physical or mental health is greatly affected by the aspects of our workplace? If working conditions are undesirable the result can mean lower work performance,… Read More

Office Partitions – Which Design Is Best For You?

Office partitioning walls have changed considerable over the years. Office walls used to be built using timber studs with plaster boards nailed on and then finished with plaster. It was not possible to relocate the office walls with this partitioning system as they had to be dismantled by breaking the plaster boards off the stud… Read More

Office Design – Creating Functional & Effective Breakout Areas

Breakout Space Design has now become a key element of office design schemes. A break out area describes any space open to employees or visitors that is separate from their usual working area. It can be a place for employees to relax, eat their lunch and even hold informal meetings. Giving employees a break from… Read More

How Colour & Wall Murals Can Improve Staff Productivity

If your office walls are painted dull grey, the cold colour of warships, concrete and cubicles – it’s time for a makeover. Office décor is more important than many people think. Our surroundings have a huge impact on our mood and productivity. With simple changes, it is possible to boost creativity and productivity. Low-wavelength colours,… Read More

The Difference Between a ‘Shell & Core’, ‘CAT A’ & ‘CAT B’ Fit-Out

Fit-out’ is a term used to describe the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. It is often used in relation to office developments, where the base construction is completed by the developer, and the final fit-out by the occupant. The occupant will generally be leasing space as a tenant from the developer /… Read More